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Lewis Place Hit by F1 tornado





The Lewis Place Neighborhood was hit hard by an F1 Tornado on New Year’s Eve knocking down tree limbs, scattering debris and causing substantial damage to more than 70homes. Practically every block in the Lewis Place Neighborhood experienced some damage from Delmar to Martin Luther King. Some homes lost power and others had to have gas turned off for safety reasons.Many families have been displaced because their homes are no longer inhabitable. The emergency response from disaster relief organizations has been anemic at best. First responders told the media that most of the property that hadsignificant damage was unoccupied. Lewis Place Historical Preservation has issued an urgent plea of helpfor aid in its recovery. City Inspectors have aggressively been issuing condemnation notices to property owners allowing them little time to respond. However, they have since rescinded them.





FEMA made a visit to the Lewis Place Neighborhood to assess firsthand the damage that was done by the tornado. Governor Nixon has asked President Obama to declare the areas hit by the tornadoes a federal disaster area. This will allow victims to apply for federal assistance. In the meantime, many families have been displaced; some are in homes with no heat and other neighbors are left on their own to clean-up after the storm. Some homeowners have no insurance and were in need of tarps to cover damaged roofs and plywood to board up broken windows. Other families needed basic items such as food, clothes, blankets, heaters, deodorant, socks, etc. as they wait in their homes for help.








On Saturday, January 24 at Centennial Christian Church,a meeting was held in the aftermath of the tornado to organize for the recovery. Lewis Place Historical Preservation, Working Hard to Inform People (WHIP), Centennial Christian Churchand Block Units #89, 1361327 and 1605 invited St. Louis Native Loretta Horton Disaster Consultant , as guest speaker. Ms. Horton is an activist and organizerand served as Director ForPoverty Ministries Networking for Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.





Mayor Slay issues proclamation






 In response to the New Year’s Eve tornado, Mayor Francis Slay issued a

proclamation to the Lewis Place Historical Preservation, Inc. declaring

January 17, 2011 Martin Luther King Birthday “Lewis Place Day.” He also

announced a partnership between United Way and the City of St. Louis to raise funds on behalf of the storm victims to help with the recovery efforts in the neighborhood.






The Lewis Place Neighborhood has been busy cleaning up and working on our recovery from the EF1 tornado that devastated the community on New Year’s Eve. Many neighbors, friends, civic leaders, churches and organizations have assisted the community with donations and their time & labor.






It has also garnered support from other Disciples of Christ churches such as Abbey Road from Cape Girardeau and Aeneas Williams (shown above).



The University of Missouri-St. Louis students (shown above), celebrated National Service day january 15, Martin luther king’s birthday, by helping out disaster victims at centinnial Church



Instead of holding a skating party in honor of her 13th birthday, Nile Trice turns this roller-skating celebration into a fundraiser for the Lewis Place Neighborhood tornadovictims. Ms. Trice raised more than $1,000.00 for the disaster relief. Ms. Trice has become a dynamic leader at an early age. She is a honor student in the Pattonville School District.








In spite of Sunset Hills being it hard by an EF3 tornado on New Year’s Eve, they have come to the aid of the tornado victims in our community. On Saturday, May 14 members of the Sunset Hills community came out to help with the clean-up and repairs in our community.




Rev. Arneas Williams & wife talking with neighborhood group in front of cetennial christian church.



Prince Hall Mason Helps Rebuild Lewis Place 2011.



Prince Hall members working hard to help Lewis Place.




(Left to right) Pam Talley, Mayor Francois Slay, Alderman Terry Kennedy, Michael Allen.



Pam Talley & Pass Port Campers 2011.